• rfrnz helps law firms, legal departments, procurement departments and professionals in licensing and contract management to assess risks, extract relevant information and discover variances and discrepancies in legal documents.
    In short, we:
    – take over legal routine work
    – improve workflows and cost structures
    – classify contracts, agreements and terms & conditions reliably
    – detect and summarize contract data quickly and accurately
    – extract relevant information and graphical/tabular representations
    – identify risks and anomalies
  • Since the beginning, our focus is on collaborating with our customers. Therefore, we early on took a close look on the needs of our clients and their potential benefits. Find out about possible sample use cases on how rfrnz can be used. But keep in mind, our solution is always flexible and adaptable. It is able to quickly learn new contract types and can be easily integrated into existing systems and workflows.
  • M&A Due Diligences
    In M&A transactions, there are usually large numbers of contractual documents put together in data rooms. These documents need to be reviewed and certain information that constitute risks must be identified and extracted. A work that is traditionally done manually by (junior) legal professionals.
    rfrnz can help you to:
    – automate legal routine work
    – extract all relevant information and thereby identify known risks
    – detect unknown risks contained in unusual or missing clauses
    – integrate in your systems with APIs
  • NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements)
    NDAs are the foundation of almost every business relationship. That is why companies of all industries and sizes exchange, review and execute NDAs constantly. While reviewing NDAs is mostly legal routine work, it binds resources of legal professionals that are needed elsewhere.
    rfrnz will:
    – identify and extract all relevant NDA content
    – detect anomalies like unusual or missing clauses
    – integrate into an efficient workflow to automate the NDA review process
  • Brexit
    Brexit will come inevitably. Nevertheless, it is still unclear if an exit agreement will be reached and if yes, what the details are. But organizations can already prepare for any type of Brexit by identifying which contracts and clauses will be relevant.
    rfrnz can support you to:
    – automatically identify contracts and clauses throughout your contract base that are relevant for Brexit