• Are you curious about the technology we are using? Our solution is based on the latest insights from academic research in NLP and ML. We are always a step ahead and successfully apply those to the legal domain. Being up-to-date and ready to constantly challenge our technology is part of our DNA.


  • We use ML and NLP algorithms to classify legal clauses in contracts. Our software extracts key information and relevant clauses from contracts. It also detects anomalies like unusual or missing clauses. Our solution works as a standalone web application or as an integration with other systems like contract management, CRM or data rooms.


  • From a pool of legal information and unstructured information, we draw the key insights and show red flags, fully automated. Our system is language and contract type agnostic, so it will learn new contract types and languages fast and easy. It can also process multiple types of document formats, including PDFs, Word docs and Scans.


  • We help our clients understand their contracts. With us they have all relevant information at their fingertips.


The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses two fundamental aspects. The first is the creation and imitation of human behavior and thought, which is the more demanding and visionary goal. The second aspect is the automatic and autonomous execution of tasks, which can take over clearly defined and delimited task areas. Examples are autonomous driving or intelligent software assistants.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. By recognizing patterns in existing data, IT systems are able to independently find solutions to problems. The knowledge gained from the data can be generalized and used for new problem solutions or for the analysis of previously unknown data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) attempts to capture natural language and process it in a computer-based manner using rules and algorithms. NLP uses various methods and results from linguistics and combines them with modern computer science and artificial intelligence. The aim is direct communication between humans and computers on the basis of natural language.